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Q'Straint M-208-A30 Manual Wheelchair Securement Straps, A-Track, FREE SHIPPING

Q'Straint M-208-A30 Manual Wheelchair Securement Straps, A-Track, FREE SHIPPING
SKU M-208-A30
Weight 8.00 lbs
Market price: $136.30
save 31%
Our price: $94.00
Q'Straint M-208-A30 Ships for Free and is the M Series Manual Secuement Kit that utilizes two Over-Center Wheelchair Tiedown Straps mounted for A-Track Floor Anchorages and two Front Cam Wheelchair Tiedown Straps mounted for A-Track Floor Anchorages. This product will not include the A-Track Floor Anchorages or Occupant Restraint Lap and Shoulder Belt.

The Q’Straint M Series wheelchair and occupant restraint system is a cost effective manual wheelchair tie down system designed to satisfy strict budgets without compromising passenger safety. The M Series Wheelchair Securement System incorporates J Hooks for attaching the Wheelchair Straps. Attaching the strap will only require a quarter turn and minimizes the potential for twisting the Tie Down Strap

The M-208-A30 includes FREE SHIPPING and the following;
(2) Over-Center Belts (A-Track)
(2) Front Cam Belts (A-Track)


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