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Product Animation

Q’Straint Product Animation provides an opportunity to view how it actually operates. Click on the product name and watch.

Q’Straint Q-8100-A-L QRT Deluxe with Occupant Restraint Lap and Shoulder Belt

The Q’Straint Q-8100-A-L QRT Deluxe Kit is mounted for PLI L-Track Anchorages with Combination Occupant Restraint Lap and Shoulder Belt.  The Q-8100-A-L is a fully automatic, self-tensioning, auto locking, wheelchair tie down system. Like the QRT MAX, the QRT Deluxe was developed and introduced by Q’Straint as one of the most significant enhancements in safety and convenience for wheelchair mobility. The Q’Straint QRT Deluxe automatic tensioning and locking features will not …Read More

Q’Straint Q5-7580 Webbing Loop

The Q’Straint Q5-7580 is a 14” Webbing Loop. This Secure Loop is a highly effective and economical product that can be used to assist in the attachment for the wheelchair tie down hook to a mobility device. Utilizing the Secure Loop can also minimize potential abrasions from the contact with the wheelchair securement hook to the mobility equipment. The Webbing Loop is available in a variety of sizes and colors. …Read More

Q’Straint Q-8301-SC QRT MAX Slide-N-Click

The Q-8301-SC  QRT MAX is a fully automatic, self tensioning and automatic locking wheelchair tiedown system. The Q-8301-SC is mounted for Slide-N-Click Floor Anchorages that are fixed point floor anchorages and easily connect to the Bottom Anchorages on the vehicle floor and will allow the  Retractor rotate 360 degrees. The Q’Straint QRT MAX automatic tensioning and locking features eliminate the need for the tensioning knobs and the need for additional …Read More