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Q’Straint Accessories

Q’Straint supports its wheelchair securement products with an assortment of accessories that facilitate passenger safety and comfort.

Q’Straint Q5-7580 Webbing Loop

The Q’Straint Q5-7580 is a 14” Webbing Loop that allows the operator to easily thread the loop through a solid frame member on a wheelchair or scooter to allow a proper and safe attachment point for a wheelchair tiedown strap in order to obtain a proper 4-point wheelchair securement. The Q5-7580 Q’Straint Webbing Loop meets requirements of SAE J2249 and ISO 10542 The Q5-7580 sells for $3.49 each and includes …Read More

Q’Straint Q5-6500A-5 Shoulder Belt Mounting Bracket

Q’Straint Q5-6500A-5 Ships for Free with Transfor and is the Shoulder Belt Mounting Bracket. Attaches Shoulder Belt to vehicle wall. The Q5-6500A-5 can be used with M-Series and QRT Shoulder Belts. Q’Straint provides customers with a wide assortment of occupant restraint options that allow our customers to select the best choice for the passenger and vehicle layout.  A Lap and Shoulder Belt are vital in ensuring the safety of your …Read More

Q’Straint Q5-8522 Storage Wall Pouch

The Q’Straint Q5-8522 Storage Wall Pouch allows the operator to place the Wheelchair Tie Downs and Occupants Restraint. in the pouch so that they remains consolidated and off of the vehicle floor.  It is typically positioned in the wheelchair securement area to easily store and access the wheelchair securement equipment. Our price for the Q5-8522 is $38.95 and Free Shipping is included. FREE SHIPPING