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Q’Straint Accessories

Q’Straint supports its wheelchair securement products with an assortment of accessories that facilitate passenger safety and comfort.

Q’Straint Q5-7580 Webbing Loop

The Q’Straint Q5-7580 is a 14” Webbing Loop that allows the operator to easily thread the loop through a solid frame member on a wheelchair or scooter to allow a proper and safe attachment point for a wheelchair tiedown strap in order to obtain a proper 4-point wheelchair securement. The Q5-7580 Q’Straint Webbing Loop meets requirements of SAE J2249 and ISO 10542 The Q5-7580 sells for $3.49 each and includes …Read More

Q’Straint Q5-6500A-5 Shoulder Belt Mounting Bracket

Q’Straint Q5-6500A-5 Ships for Free with Transfor and is the Shoulder Belt Mounting Bracket. Attaches Shoulder Belt to vehicle wall. The Q5-6500A-5 can be used with M-Series and QRT Shoulder Belts. Q’Straint provides customers with a wide assortment of occupant restraint options that allow our customers to select the best choice for the passenger and vehicle layout.  A Lap and Shoulder Belt are vital in ensuring the safety of your …Read More