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Q’Straint Q-8100-A-L QRT Deluxe with Occupant Restraint Lap and Shoulder Belt

The Q’Straint Q-8100-A-L QRT Deluxe Kit is mounted for PLI L-Track Anchorages with Combination Occupant Restraint Lap and Shoulder Belt.  The Q-8100-A-L is a fully automatic, self-tensioning, auto locking, wheelchair tie down system. Like the QRT MAX, the QRT Deluxe was developed and introduced by Q’Straint as one of the most significant enhancements in safety and convenience for wheelchair mobility.

The Q’Straint QRT Deluxe automatic tensioning and locking features will not require the operator to utilize the Dual Tension Knobs for tensioning the wheelchair securement webbing. However, if desired, the QRT Deluxe will provide the operator the discretion of providing additional tension of the webbing by turning the Dual Tension Knobs on the QRT Retractor,

The Q-8100-A-L QRT Deluxe Dual Tension Knobs also eliminate the need for the operator to consider left, right, forward or backward orientation of the Retractor.

The compact design of the QRT Deluxe allows it to fit under many wheelchair footrests and is manufactured with hardened steel and coated to zinc to reduce corrosion.

Q’Straint incorporates a J hook for attaching the webbing to the wheelchair. The J hook attaches to a solid frame member on the wheelchair with a quarter turn reducing the possibility of the webbing binding. A Foot Release lever will not require the operator to release the QRT Deluxe at floor level.

Q’Straint developed the PLI (Positive Lock Indicator) L-Track Fitting for use with L-Track Anchorages.  The PLI provides an optical safety reference to ensure the L-Track Fitting is properly seated in the L-Track Anchorage

The universal design of the QRT Deluxe assures compatability with most wheelchairs and scooters. To ensure optimal passenger safety it is highly recommended that the Occupant Lap and Shoulder Belt be utilized with the QRT Deluxe.

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We accept approved Purchase Orders.  Contact our Customer Service Department for quotes on larger quantity purchases.

The Q-8100-A-L sells for $425.00  and includes FREE SHIPPING.

The Q-8100-A-L includes the following:

  • 4-Q8-6200-L QRT Deluxe Retractors (L-Track)
  • 1-Q8-6325-A QRT Occupant Restraint Lap and Shoulder Belt
  • 1- Q5-6500A- 5 Shoulder Belt Mounting Bracket
  • 1-Instruction Adhesive Label
  • 1-Instruction Guide for Operator
  • 1-QRT Installation Instructions
  • 1-Warranty Card (3 Year Manufacture Warranty)


Q'Straint Q-8100-A-L QRT Deluxe with Occupant Restraint Lap and Shoulder Belt