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Q’Straint Q-8101-SC2

The Q’Straint Q-8101-SC2 Is the QRT Deluxe self tensioning, automatic locking, Slide-N-Click wheelchair tie down system . The QRT Deluxe Retractors provided in this product are mounted for Slide-N-Click Anchorages. This Kit will NOT include the Slide-N-Click Bottom Anchorage.

The Q’Straint QRT Deluxe is a Automatic-locking, self-tensioning, fully automatic retractable wheelchair tie-down system. The QRT Deluxe Fully Automatic features allow the operator to efficiently attach the wheelchair strap and J hook to a solid frame member on the wheelchair and automatically tensions the wheelchair tiedown strap and secures the wheelchair with the self-locking feature.

The Q’Striant Slide-N-Click is one of the most advanced innovations in Fixed Wheelchair Securement Anchorages and allows for a 360 degree rotation of the QRT Retractor with one hand operation. The Slide-N-Click bottom Anchorage is installed with a single bolt and reduces a complicated installation and alignment process. The low profile design of the bottom anchorage allows the wheelchair to easily maneuver around or over it without impeding movement. The Slide-N-Click in manufactured with cast stainless steel for maxim durability and strength.

This kit will NOT include the Bottom Anchorages.

This kit includes FREE SHIPPING and sells for $412.00.

The Q-8101-SC2 includes the following:

• 4-QRT Deluxe Retractors (Slide-N-Click)

• Instruction Adhesive Label

• QRT Installation Instructions

• Instruction Guide for Operator

• Warranty Card (3 Year Manufacture Warranty)