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Q’Straint Q5-7550-T60 60″ Long Rubber L-Track Cover

Q’Straint Q5-7550-T60 Ships for Free and is a 60″ Long Rubber L-Track Cover  that is inserted into the L-Track Floor Anchorage when not in use and helps to prevent dirt and debris from restricting proper and effective L-track fitting attachment to the vehicle floor.

Q’Straint manufactures a variety of Wheelchair Securement Floor Anchorage options to address any securement circumstance or challenge. A fixed wheelchair tiedown option such as Slide-N-Click, A-Track and L-Track Floor Pockets provide a predetermined station for the wheelchair and minimizes the opportunity for improper placement. Fixed Securement Anchorages are ideal in situations where a single type or style wheelchair will be secured.  A flexible Securement option such as L-Track and A-Track allows the operator variable options for the wheelchair position and more adaptability in accommodating various style wheelchairs. Flexible Securement options are ideal where the operator will be accommodating various style and type wheelchairs.

The Q5-7550-T60 includes the following:

  • Q5-7550-T60 L-Track Cover Ships for FREE

THe Q’Straint Q5-7550-T60 sell for $17.45 and Ships for FREE


Q'Straint Q5-7550-T60 60" Long Rubber L-Track Cover