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Q’Straint QRT MAX free Webbing Loop Offer

Transfor Corporation is providing four free Q’Straint Webbing Loops with the purchase of any QRT MAX Kit with Lap and Shoulder Belt.  The Q’Straint Q5-7580 provides an optical and safe attachment for the QRT MAX Retractor and is a $15.96 value provided for Free.

The Q’Straint QRT MAX Wheelchair Securement and Occupant Restraint System is the latest development in fully automatic, self tensioning and automatic locking retractor systems.   The QRT MAX is knobbles and does not require the operator to tension the wheelchair tiedown straps.

An automatic tensioning QRT MAX Retractor is efficient and provides an added layer of safety by adjusting the slack of the tie down webbing generated during transit to help to ensure optimal wheelchair stability.  Because the QRT MAX doesn’t use tensioning knobs the operator will not have to be concerned with left or right orientation in the wheelchair securement floor anchorages.

The QRT MAX utilizes a foot release lever that allows the operator to release the retractor locking mechanism without bending down to disengage the securement straps.

The QRT MAX is manufactured with case hardened steel and coated in Zinc for maximum durability and corrosion resistance.

The QRT MAX Kit that are designed to operate with L-Track vehicle floor anchorages will include a L-Track fitting with Positive Lock Indicator.  The Positive Lock indicator provides can provide a visual confirmation that the QRT MAX Retractor is properly fitted in the floor anchorage and more importantly warns that the anchorage point between the vehicle floor and retractor is compromised and unsafe.

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Q'Straint QRT MAX free Webbing Loop Offer