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The Q’Straint QRT Standard is the solution for addressing cost conscious budgets without sacrificing passenger safety. The QRT Standard features a semi-automatic retractor that allows the operator to tension the wheelchair tie down securement webbing with the single tensioning knob. The Q’Straint QRT Standard incorporates a J Hook for attachment of the Wheelchair Strap to the Wheelchair. The quarter turn required attaching to the solid frame member on the wheelchair minimizes the potential for twisting the tiedown strap. The QRT Standard uses a foot release lever that allows the operator to release the tension on the wheelchair securement strap without bending down. The operator can also take up the wheelchair tiedown slack buy applying the foot release lever and will tension the strap by turning the knob located on the side of the QRT Standard Retractor.

The QRT Standard is manufactured with hardened steel and coated with zinc ensure maximum durability and corrosion resistance. The universal design of the QRT Standard accommodates all wheelchair designs including transport chairs, common wheelchair, motorized and power wheelchairs and scooters. The low profile design of the QRT Standard will allow most wheelchairs to freely maneuver around it without compromising or restricting movement. The QRT Standard is available to operate with L-Track, A-Track and Slide-N-Click Floor Anchorages. It is strongly recommended that a Q’Straint Occupant Restraint Lap and Shoulder be utilized to ensure passenger safety.

The Positive Lock indicator, utilized with QRT Standard L-Track Retractors, provides an optical confirmation that the L-Track fitting is properly secured in the L-Track Floor Anchorage.

QRT Standard with Occupant Restraint
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QRT Standard without Occupant Restraint
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