The Q’Straint M Series wheelchair and occupant restraint system is a cost effective manual wheelchair tie down system designed to satisfy strict budgets without compromising passenger safety. The wheelchair straps provided with the M Series Kits are Over-Center Buckle straps that safely and effectively secure the wheelchair to the anchorages in the vehicle floor. Q’Straint also provides an option for Cam Wheelchair Straps that are utilized for the front of the wheelchair. The Cam Wheelchair Tiedowns are only used to take up the webbing slack and will not tension the wheelchair straps. The M Series Tie Down System incorporates J Hooks for attaching the wheelchair straps to a solid frame member on the wheelchair. Attaching the strap will only require a quarter turn and minimizes the potential for twisting the Tie Down. The Q’Straint M Series is available with either L-Track or A-Track fittings.

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