What’s The Difference between Wheelchair Tie down Retractors?

Congratulations, you’ve made the decision to purchase a QRT Retractor Series Wheelchair Tie Down System.  You’ll need to match the Retractor to the Anchorage on the floor of the vehicle and purchase the QRT Retractor.  When you arrive at this point you’ll need to make one more decision; what style of retractor.   The QRT Series Retractors are divided into two families of Fully Automatic or Semi-Automatic tensioning.

A Fully Automatic retractor automatically tightens the webbing after the “S Hook” is attached to the wheelchair.  Self Tensioning capability is advantageous for two reasons;

  1. Efficiency: It could allow the operator to secure the wheelchair using one hand.
    2.    Safety: As the wheelchair moves “in transit” the retractor continually takes up any slack that may occur in the webbing.

Q’Straint provides two options for Self Tensioning Retractors.

QRT MAX uses no tensioning knobs, provides extended webbing, and has a feature called PLI (Positive Lock Indicator) if the Anchorage is L-Track.  PLI provides optical confirmation that the Retractor is properly seated in the L-Track Anchorage.  The QRT MAX has a lower profile.  The manufacturer warranty is 3 years

QRT Deluxe uses two tensioning knobs.  The tensioning knobs are not necessary but some operators like the option to further tension the webbing.  The QRT Deluxe also incorporates the PLI feature for vehicles that utilize  L-Track floor anchorages. The manufacturer warranty is 3 years.  You will find that the QRT MAX and the QRT Deluxe are generally the same price

A Semi-Automatic retractor requires the operator to use a knob tighten the webbing after the “S Hook” is attached to the wheelchair.  The Semi-Automatic Retractor is a significant upgrade over manual belt systems typically cost about 25-40% less than a Self Tensioning Retractor.

Q’Straint provides one option for Semi-Automatic Retractors.

QRT Standard uses one knob that the operator will use to tension the webbing on the retractor. The QRT Standard also incorporates the PLI L-Track Fitting for vehicles that are utilizing L-Track Floor Anchorages. The manufacturer warranty is 1 year.