Q’Straint continues to innovate with the introduction of the QRT-360 Series Wheelchair and Occupant Restraint Systems. The QRT-360 is the first engineered wheelchair and occupant restraint system to address the revised load capacities established as part of the WC18.

The WC18 will apply to wheelchair tiedown and occupant restraint systems (WTORS) with forward facing wheelchair-seated passengers (children and adults) in privately owned vehicles as well as transit, paratransit and other forms of public transportation including school buses. The WC18, among other things, identifies and address the increased load capacity from the occupant restraint mounted to the wheelchair frame in a 30 mph/20g sled impact test. The increased load capacity from the occupant restraint can deliver as much as a 60% increase in load capacity. This added load capacity coupled with wheelchair designs that have become increasingly heavier add a significant amount of stress that is channeled to the wheelchair securement tiedowns.

Q’Straint is the first and only wheelchair securement and occupant restraint manufacture to embrace the WC18 revisions with a redesign of the QRT Retractor to carry full strength maximum load capacity. The creative design of QRT-360 incorporates energy management with material advancements to deliver the strongest ever wheelchair securement QRT Retractor.

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