The Q’Straint QRT Deluxe is the wheelchair tie down industries first fully automatic wheelchair securement system. The design of the QRT Deluxe does not requite the operator to tension the wheelchair straps, however, Q’Straint has incorporated duel tensioning knobs that allow the operator to further tension the tie down if desired. The dual tensioning knobs eliminate the need for the operator’s concern of left, right, forward, backward placement orientation.

The QRT Deluxe self locking feature allows the operator to efficiently secure the wheelchair to the floor anchorage with one hand. The attachment point to the wheelchair is accomplished with a J Hook that reduces twisting of the wheelchair tie down webbing and requires only a quarter turn for securing the webbing to the wheelchair. The foot release lever allows the operator to release the securement webbing without having to bend down.

The QRT Deluxe is manufactured with case hardened steel for exceptional durability and the low profile allow most wheelchairs to maneuver over the retractor. The universal design accommodates virtually all wheelchairs including power wheelchairs manual wheelchairs, transport wheelchairs and scooters and tri-wheelers.

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