Q’Straint Q8-6326-A1-T Combination Retractable Shoulder & Lap Belt Combination Mounted for L-Track on Top and Bottom, FREE SHIPPING

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Q’Straint Q8-6326-A1-T Combination Occupant Securement Lap and Shoulder Belt with L-Track Fitting at the top and bottom. The L-Track Fitting allows the upper portion of the shoulder belt to be easily attached to the anchorage on the wall. The L-Track Fitting on the bottom Retractor will easily allow for positioning in the L-Track anchorage on the vehicle floor.

The Q8-6326-A1-T is compatible with all Q’Straint QRT Wheelchair Securement Systems.






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Q’Straint Q8-6326-A1-T is a Combination Occupant Securement Lap and Shoulder Belt. This product is designed to work in conjunction with the Q’Straint QRT MAX, Deluxe and Standard Systems. The Q8-6326-A1-T incorporates L-Track Fittings on top and bottom. The “triangular fittings” on the Q8-6326-A1 attach to the “pin connector” or studs on the rear QRT Retractors.

The Q8-6326-A1-T utilizes one retractor with an L-Track Fitting and an L-Track Fitting for the upper wall mount.


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