Q'Straint Q-8200-A-A QRT Standard Semi-Automatic, retractor wheelchair tie down system with Regular Occupant Securement Lap and Shoulder Belt. The QRT Standard Retractors provided in this Kit are mounted for with A-Track Fittings for vehicles outfitted with A-Track anchorages. The Q’Straint QRT Standard is the solution for addressing cost conscious budgets without sacrificing passenger safety. The QRT Standard features a semi-automatic retractor that allows the operator to tension the wheelchair tie down securement webbing with the single tensioning knob. This kit includes FREE SHIPPING and the Following: 4-Q8-6201-A QRT Standard Retractors (A-Track) 1-Q8-6325-A Occupant Securement Lap and Shoulder Belt 1-Q5-6500A-5 Mounting Bracket for Shoulder Belt 1-Instruction Adhesive Label 1-QRT Installation Instructions 1-Instruction Guide for Operator 1-Warranty Card (2 Year Manufacture Warranty) FREE SHIPPING