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Q’Straint M-300-L30 M Series Manual Wheelchair Securement Kit, L-Track

Q’Straint M-300-L30 Ships for Free with Transfor and is the M Series Wheelchair Securement Kit with Overcenter and Cam Wheelchair Tiedown Straps that are designed to operate with L-Track Floor Anchorages.  The M-300-L30 is a complete Kit and will include the Occupant Restraint Lap and Shoulder Belt as well as the Floor Anchorages.

Transfor Corporation has the largest selection of Q’Straint M Series Wheelchair Securement Tie Downs and Ships all Q’Straint products free. The Q’Straint M Series wheelchair and occupant restraint system is a cost effective manual wheelchair tie down system designed to satisfy strict budgets without compromising Passenger Safety. The M Series Wheelchair Securement Tie Down System incorporates J Hooks for attaching the Wheelchair Straps.  Attaching the strap will only require a quarter turn and minimizes the potential for twisting the wheelchair securement tiedown strap.

The Q’Straint M-300-L30 is on Sale for $225.00 and Includes FREE Shipping

The M-300-L30 will include the following:

  • (2) TwoOvercenter Wheelchair Securement Straps
  • (2) Cam Wheelchair Securement Straps
  • (1) MM-320 Occupant Lap Belt
  • (1) MM-410 Occupant Shoulder Belt
  • (4) Q5-7551-A Oval L-Track Floor Pocket


Q'Straint M-300-L30 M Series Manual Wheelchair Securement Kit, L-Track